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WriteHand Co. is Kristen Hampshire, down to business. She prepares smart website copy and strategic content marketing, including newsletters, blogs, whitepaper reports, ghostwritten columns and articles to submit for publication.


• Website content
• E-marketing copy (e-blast content, subject lines)
• Blogs and Tweets
• Newsletters
• Whitepaper reports
• Ghostwritten columns (Letters from the President, etc.)
• Internal and external communications pieces
• Press releases
• Advertising copy
• Brochures
• Custom media, magazine inserts


Kristen Hampshire has provided copy services to clients in a range of industries.
• John Deere
• Cleveland Clinic
• Bayer Environmental Sciences
• Davey Tree Co.
• American Greetings Interactive
• Ferris and SnapperPro lawnmowers
• Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE)
• Moss Media
• designRoom Creative
• Agnes Studio
• Trone Public Relations (for Novartis)
• Bader-Rutter Public Relations (for Dow Agrosciences)
• Britton Gallagher
• Case Western Reserve University


Scheme Studio
“Kristen is amazing at what she does, because she loves what she does. 
We have hired her a few times to write everything from Press Releases to content for Print Communications & Websites. She is enthusiastic and fun to work with, but serious about the work itself. 
With Kristen, copy is not just copy…she thinks every word through and looks at it at every angle, before sending it out into the world. She understands the needs of our small business and genuinely respects what it is we are trying to accomplish. 
Kristen is able to see the bigger picture, and contribute more than “just copy” to the project. For that reason, we highly recommend Kristen and will hire her again and again.”
-Dawn Zidonis, Executive Director, AIGA San Francisco

SpectraLight Photography & Design
“Kristen is a thorough writer who knows the right questions to ask when creating an article for publication. She “digs deep” for the information that will enlighten the reader – yet makes the article easy to understand at the same time. 

Anyone in need of a writer for an article for their publication or brochure should utilize Kristen’s talents at least one time. Once you do – you will come back again and again.”
-Mark Madere, SpectraLight Photography & Design

River Colors Studio
“Once I handed my Web site project over to Kristen, my only question to myself was, “Why didn’t I do it sooner?” In two days, she was able to organize, synthesize and create the exact Web climate/atmosphere that I had been working on for months.”
-Erika Gadomskie, owner, River Colors Studio

Better Bottom Line Accounting
“Kristen has handled several web site copywriting projects for me in the last couple of months, and the results of her “wordsmithing” have been very impressive. 

She has been very careful to understand the scope and requirements of my projects and has delivered them on time as promised. 

I would recommend connecting with Kristen on your next copywriting project – you’ll be very glad you did.”
-Scott Gregory, Better Bottom Line Accounting