Pets, Craft & Garden

Dog Lover Cover
Dog Lover's Daily Companion
365 Days of Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Living a Rich Life with Your Dog
This inspiring handbook is filled with 365 helpful tips, easy-to-build projects, practical advice, and insight into the canine-human relationship for all dog owners to use every day of the year.
Cat Lover Cover
Cat Lover's Daily Companion
365 days of Insight and Guidance for Living a Joyful Life with Your Cat
Whether you're a cat owner yourself or someone who just loves all things cat, this book will provide you with a lifetime's worth of ways to enjoy and appreciate cats, whether or not you have a house full of cats, or just a shelf full of books.
green guide cover
Green Guide for Artists
Nontoxic Recipes, Green Art Ideas, and Resources for the Eco-Conscious Artist
In the Green Guide for Artists, Karen Michel inspires artists to make better eco-conscious choices within their work and their studios and shows them how. Kristen Hampshire writes about ten artists practicing studio sustainability in the gallery portion of the book.
Hobby Farm
Hobby Farm
How to Create and Maintain Your Hobby Farm or Great Estate
This book is packed with practical guidance and inspiring possibilities that capture the romance of the hobby farm. This is a highly attractive but hardworking book that’s designed to be as inspirational to the big-backyard folks who dream of upgrading as it is to those who are already living the hobby farm lifestyle.
52 projects
52 Backyard Landscaping Projects
Designing, Planting and Building the Yard of Your Dreams One Weekend at a Time
From creating container plantings to building a pergola, design your outdoor room with this helpful how-to guide.
stonescaping cover
Stonescaping Made Simple
Bring the Beauty of Stone into Your Yard
With David Griffin, a professional landscape architect, this book features inspiring design ideas, information on how to complete projects yourself, and the tools you need for each job.
John Deere's Landscaping & Lawn Care
The Complete Guide to a Beautiful Yard Year-Round
This illustrated reference book provides homeowners with practical information to handle their lawn care needs and protect their most valuable asset. It addresses landscaping questions and provides inspiring weekend projects.


sleep disorders
The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Sleep Disorders
Collaboration with sleep medicine expert Dr. Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer
Everything you need to know to get a good night’s sleep.
menopause cover
The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Menopause
Collaboration with Dr. Holly L. Thacker, director of the Center for Specialized Women’s Health
This guide debunks myths about hormone therapy, discusses bone health, underlines women’s health issues and discusses why women can’t afford to go to the doctor without the facts, especially in mid-life. A champion for women, Thacker breaks down the issues in a practical, upbeat and inspiring way. Her message: Women don’t need to be martyrs.