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Compelling copy inspires readers to connect. Smart website content drives results. Creative marketing differentiates your business from the pack. A memorable magazine article introduces fresh ideas, breaks research, or opens the window to another's mind.

Find your voice. Tell your story. Capture an audience.

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Now in Slovenian. The Cat Lover’s Daily Companion released this translated version. How interesting!


On HGTVremodels

Thinking about a kitchen tear-out? Want to revamp the space on a budget? Check out the guide I wrote for


Kristen Hampshire

Kristen Hampshire is an award-winning journalist with bylines in national magazines like, Consumers Digest, Ladies’ Home Journal and Fortune, along with a shelf of 16 book titles. Kristen is a copywriter and co-conspirator on branding and marketing campaigns. She’s a content developer, author/collaborator and idea girl.

She can score an offbeat quote from a source because she believes in the art of the interview—dig deeper, tell the story. She creates compelling website copy, provides copywriting/creative services and content marketing for businesses in a range of industries.

Kristen founded WriteHand Co. in 2004 and has published nearly 2,000 articles in that time. Before going solo, she served in various editor positions, from custom publishing to working on the launch of a magazine that still thrives.



Check out Kristen backstage on her blog project, MommasWrite.